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Sydarkivera offers a testbed for members and collaboration partners on a national and European level where various open source tools for longterm digital preservation can be tested in a vendor independent and controlled environment. The testbed provides possibilities for testing and evaluation software in use as well as collecting metrics according to certain criterias that will be developed.

Sydarkivera will over time create different test workflows (bash-scripts) for complete packaging of SIARD-packages, among other things and we invite others to contribute as well.

If you and your organization want to know more about the testbed, please contact mr. Mårten Lindstand, head of IT, marten.lindstrand(at)sydarkivera.se / +46 472 39 10 07.

Technical specifications

The testbed is up and running based on SuperMicro servers where software is installed on virtual XEN-server environments.

Hardware specifications:

  • 2CPUx8 cores
  • 64GB RAM
  • 34TB RAID5, NFS

Sydarkivera currently hosts three virtual environments with pre-installed software (see below) There is also an option to create new virtual servers according to user demands and preferences. Default operating system is Centos 7, but it's possible to install other Linux distributions if needed. We use open source software only (the Windows server currently installed is an exception).

Windows 10

Accessible through remote desktop.


CentOS 7

Accessible through SSH. Hosts database samples with the option to add additional content.


CentOS 7

Accessible through SSH (shell access). Used for archiving relational databases, SIARD


How to get started

Send an e-mail to marten.lindstrand(at)sydarkivera.se with the following information:

If you want to use the preinstalled environment tell us if you are planning to use the Linux- and/or the Windows environment together with a short description on how you are planning to use the testbed. We then create account for you within a week.

If you want a new virtual server tell us what operating system you want to install - if not Centos, send us a link where to the Linux distro of your choice. We also need information of your hardware needs (amount of RAM and disk space).

Lab reports

Lab reports are always published in English. None are currently available.





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